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Trading Contest


Join our educational risk-free trading contest for begginers and prove that you mastered the basic skills of using Alnada chart overlay and trading strategy. You will be entitled to win a cash prize plus a free membership, read more.

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Know the rules:


Terms & Conditions

​A) Prerequisites

  1. You need to have a TradingView account to access our indicator. If you don't have one, click here to create a free account.

  2. You need to have a free-trial FTMO account. If you don't have one, click here to create a free trial FTMO account via the provided link. Account details: Platform: MT5, balance = $100k, type: normal. 
    IMPORTANT: only create your free-trial FTMO account on the first day of the contest. Not before, not after. Then send us the required details immediately. As the free-trial account will expire automatically in 14 day after the creation. 


​B) Registration & setup process

  1. Send us the required information by submitting this form. We need the follwing information:
    a. Your MT5 account number and the view-only password to monitor your trading results.
    b. Your TradingView username to grant you access to our indicator.
    c. Your preferred nickname to be used in the public results dashboard. This is optional as you can chose to use your real name instead, just write "none" in the nickname field.

  2. Verify your full control over that demo MT5 trading account by changing the view-only password to the one we will provide to you via Telegram.

C) Trading rules & conditions

  1. Trading is restricted to one strategy which is Alnada strategy using our indicator.

  2. Trading is restricted to one set of timeframe (1m, 5m, 30m). Even though trading on smaller timeframes is harder than trading on bigger timeframes, but for training purposes we prefer trading on smaller timeframes as it provide more trading signals which lead to more practice, and it allow us to set a shorter contest period. 

  3. All FTMO trading objectives must be passed. Including:
    a. Max daily loss is $5000 based on equity. (including comissions and swaps)
    b. Max loss is $10,000 based on equity. (including comissions and swaps)
    c. Profit target is $5000. (including comissions and swaps)
    d. Minimum trading days is 5 days. (not 2 days as mentioned in FTMO dashboard)

  4. It is prohibited to place any trade outside the contest period.

  5. Trading period is 14 calendar-day; start from Wednesday May 15 to Tuesday May 28, 2024. Trading is allowed during weekend for available instruments such as BTCUSD.

D) Declaring the winners

  1. Any violation to any article, term, rule or condition listed in this page will result in excluding you from the contest without prior notice, so you will not be entitled to any prize.

  2. There will be more than three winners; 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places that receive cash prize. The account with highes profit will take the 1st place, then 2nd place, and then 3rd place. Plus, any contestee whose account ends with positive profit will receive 25% discount on membership for six months. Prizes are listed below in this page. Click here to see prizes.

  3. Results will be verified during the first week after contest end for any violation then declaring the winners after confirming identity.

  4. Winners will be contacted to recieve the prize, in case of no response recieved from the winner or it was excluded due to any violation, his/her place will be transferred to the next winner, and so on.

  5. Cash prize will be paid to each winner depend on his/her country via one of these options; bank wire transfer, Cheque, CliQ, and PayPal. We do not support crypto payments.
    But you can trade crypto during the contest to benefit from weekends.

E) Privacy & security

By registering to the contest, you confirm the full understand and agree to the following:

  1. We only publish your nickname and trading activities during the contest. We never publish your personal information including your real name, TradingView username, Telegram username, or any other personal information without your permission.
  2. We are allowed to publish the real name of the winner on our website and social media platforms, and to make and interview with winners on our YouTube channel. 
  3. We only contact you via our official accounts:
    Do not respond or provide any information to other parties.

Be prepared...

In the meanwhile and till the contest begin, start preparing your self by setting up the indicator and start practicing on a second demo MT5 account. Watch these videos to learn how to use our indicator on TradingView and with MT5, plus, risk management and position sizing.

Shall you have any question, please let us know.

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All contestees who end up with any amount of positive profit will receive 25% discount on membership for 6 months. 

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