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  • I do not have enough money to trade with $100,000 and above in order to make trading my full time job. What can I do?
    You do not need to trade your own money. We never recommend anyone to trade own money. Through Prop firms like FTMO you can start trading from $400,000. With high profit share, you can make trading as a full time job.
  • What is the expected return from trading?
    Professional traders usually average from 15% to 40% ROI. While it can be lower or higher depending on many factors.
  • Is it possible to success in trading with low win rate?
    Yes, depending on a high risk-reward-ratio.
  • What is your win rate?
    My win rate vary, but it is usually range from 25% to 40%.
  • How can a return of 15% make a full time job salary?
    If you trade with small accounts, then you never can make a full time job. But if you trade with large accounts starting from $100,000 then the goal to get a full time job salary will be achievable.
  • Do trading consider a fixed source of income?
    No, you cannot rely on trading as a fixed source of income. As trading income is very interrupted.
  • What make me trust you?
    Simply you can trust us for the following reasons: My personal trading performance is published live 24/7. We published a real testimonials from real persons who joind our training server and is achiving good result. You can join our training room free for 30-days, so you can check if our service suits you.
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